Whether it’s a couple of days by the coast, or you’re going on the holiday of a lifetime, there are a few things that everyone should do before they go on a trip. If you find it hard to remember everything, here are a few tips to help jog your memory.

  1. Sort out your pets

Pets are one of the things you should sort out well in advance. This is because the best pet care facilities tend to book up quickly, especially over the summer or during peak times. You should look for dog boarding Sydney for your four-legged friend, so they are in a calm environment and well looked-after, then look for a cattery or get a neighbour to drop around and feed your feline. This will ensure your pets are happy when you are away. You should never leave dogs alone when you go away, even if you have a dog walker.

  1. Get travel insurance

Ideally, you should get travel insurance as soon as you book a holiday. This is because:

  • You are then covered if the holiday is cancelled – for example, due to a natural disaster
  • You may be covered if someone in your family is sick and can’t attend
  • You get peace of mind that you are covered for any unexpected circumstances

If you didn’t book travel insurance as part of your package, book it now so you can be sure you are covered.

  1. Check passports and documents

Nothing is worse than getting to the airport and realising you’ve picked up the wrong passport, your passport has expired, or there’s a problem with your visa. Check all your passports and documents as soon as you book the trip, so that if you need to renew anything or get paperwork, you have plenty of time to do so.

  1. Double check your itinerary

Many trips get ruined when people realise their itinerary is badly organised or doesn’t work for one reason or another. Once everything is booked, double check it, and ensure everything makes sense. This will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

The key to a good trip is getting organised and ensuring you have everything in place before you leave. You can then avoid any of the common last minute hassles that come with travel and simply relax and enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge everything has been dealt with.